plastic, metal, rust 9 pieces 75x60sm

exhumed from the future, covered in rust, plastic skeletons of rudimentary organisms.

Dedicated to my father

Two months after the start of the full-scale invasion, Mom said that one evening Dad took the keys to someone else’s car and drove off in an unknown direction. It later turned out that the car had been completely shot up and Dad was in Belgorod (a major city in Russia near Ukraine). When I video-called him, he was in a creepy rented apartment, frighteningly thin with a gunshot wound to his side. He said he’d been patched up in a basement where they patch up people like him. When asked what had happened and why he went there in the first place, he replied, “That secret will go to the grave with me.”

Later, Mom said that to get back to Ukraine, he had to go through Moscow to Finland, and at the border, he was thoroughly checked. Fortunately, as she said, he never had any social media except TikTok. When I asked what his TikTok handle was, he said, “That secret will go to the grave with me.” He responded the same way when I first asked him years ago why he set fire to the synagogue.

I hope someday I’ll meet him on TikTok.