Alina Kleytman is an artist, curator, and mentor born in 1991 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Her artistic practice encompasses sculpting, video art, and curatorial projects.

Alina graduated in Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, a Bachelor of Monumental Sculpture (2012) and in the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia in the studio of K. Preobrazhensky “VideoArt and Installation” and also in the studio of Sergey Bratkov “Photography, Sculpture, Video”(2015).

Alina Kleytman identifies her artistic approach as “hysterical realism”. Her investigations delve into diverse concerns, ranging from psychological and physical body boundaries to themes of black magic, abusive relationships, and depersonalization through self-aggrandizement, subjectively embodying today’s political and social realities.

In her sculptures, she transforms everyday objects into artificial, imaginative, fantastical forms. She works with materials such as natural fur, hair, feathers, and metal, alongside synthetic plastics and silicones. She incorporates into her sculptures artifacts from conflict zones, such as shattered glass, body bags, melted roofs, and more, turning them into memory capsules with evidence of the occurring crimes.

Alina Kleytman received awards, including the “Women in Arts” prize for her impact on gender equality (awarded by United Nations Women and the Ukrainian Institute) in 2021. She is also a two-time winner of the PinchukArtPrize for her works “SUPER A” in 2015 and “ASK A MOM” in 2018.