Alina Kleytman is an artist, curator, and concept consultant born in 1991 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Her artistic practice encompasses sculpting, video art, and curatorial projects aimed at supporting young artists.
Since February 2022, Alina has been developing the series “ENDLESS SHINE OF HUMAN VIOLENCE,” which captures the current crimes against humanity within the Russian war against Ukraine. In her videos, she explores both bloody historical events and current military developments by filming in flashpoints across Ukraine. Alina’s large-scale sculptures use artifacts from battle sites as memory capsules, offering evidence for future generations and shedding light on pressing issues. In her “BIOINSTALLATION” series, she delves into visions of mutilated human bodies, creating prostheses from materials similar to those used in robots.

Last year she worked on the residency HOW U DARE? (Milan, Italy, Fabbrica del Vapore), as an artist and concept consulter . Within which one she created a various series of sculptures from monumental to easel and curated group projects NAIL OF DESTINY, DIRTY BOTTOM OF THE FUTURE, MOVING REFUGIE HOME-MUSEUM ON WHEELS with young ukrainian artists.

Alina’s current curatorial project, “DZHERELO” (Ukr. – the source) is exhibition pavilion founded in 2020 by Alina Kleytman as part of the curatorial group ‘WET HOLE’ (Nikita Kadan, Dana Kosmina), is known for boundary-pushing exhibitions and events. Its offerings include debut exhibitions of emerging artists, diverse areas performances, arthouse porn film screenings till exorcism sessions from Jews psychotherapists, beauty-bars from hobo-modellers and confessions about work routine of young webcam model.

A significant aspect of Alina’s practice lies in curating queer performance shows. Notable among these is the “EXTRAORDINARY QUEER-CABARET MAGIC INFANT,” held in the Soviet sanatorium KHVYLYA (Ukr. – the wave). Five special performances of the legends and recruits of the Kyiv queer stage, presented by spectacular conferencier to the public, explore impact of infantilism on creativity by worship to 7 metres dick, anorexic on three wheels bicycle and explosion of fat boy on his 12th years birthday etc.
Alina’s artistic approach can be identified as “hysterical realism,” utilizing provocation to spark dialogues. Her investigations delve into diverse concerns, ranging from psychological and physical body boundaries to themes of black magic, abusive relationships, and depersonalization through self-aggrandizement, subjectively embodying today’s political and social realities.

Alina is a recipient of awards, including the “Women in Arts” prize for her impact on gender equality (awarded by United Nations Women and the Ukrainian Institute) in 2021. She is also a two-time winner of the PinchukArtPrize for her works “SUPER A” in 2015 and “ASK A MOM” in 2018.