4-channel video installation
This work is about violating boundaries which inevitably happens within parents-children interaction. I’m considering the living conditions of most Ukrainian people who grew up in small apartments where the private space of each crosses with the others.
This work aims to put the viewer in the position of a child through created situations in the installation, every of which is a boundary violation of a different kind, so that the viewer feels the blows to the personal integrity and realizes their impact on his or her actual life.
The installation is located in four rooms.
Barely footing in, the viewer is placed close to HER private stuff. Unwittingly, almost digging into HER wardrobe, the viewer falls into an awkward situation witnessing an intimate ritual. Not feeling the boundaries of her body, the woman is cutting pieces of her flash with a razor, in a pathological process of a procedure aggravating her problem.
Then the viewer finds himself under the table during adult sit-down gathering where the mother bursting out laughing, in the way to amuse her friends, makes her child laugh, too. Just having washed the toilet bowl, her hand in a yellow elastic glove is getting to fix your hair or wipe the dirty mouth.
Stuffy furry grotto with sniffing noses appearing at the slightest move embodies feelings of living in a close proximity to a person not knowing boundaries and considering the child her property.
In the last room, a woman able to see only the flaws is looking at herself in a mirror. She gives us a mean look Ц as we don’t meet her expectations, either.
All the apartment space represents the world of the mother, traditionally playing the main role in child-rearing. As for the father, he is embodied in the photo of huge slippers accurately placed before leaving. If anything – ASK A MOM.
The work was created especially for the Pinchuk Art Centre competitive exposition and got a special prize from the audience.