“ANXIETY DRYER,” a harrowing piece in the series “NECESSITY LUXURY OR LUXURY NECESSITY,” stands as a stark monument to the burdens of the human psyche. Constructed from the morose fabric of body bags and the cold, unyielding weight of concrete, this sculpture is a physical manifestation of the crushing weight of anxiety that suffocates the soul.

The body bags, symbolic carriers of the deceased, are repurposed to represent the suffocating grip of anxiety that envelops us, dragging us towards an emotional demise. These bags, once an end-of-life vessel, now encapsulate the living dread that haunts our daily existence.

The concrete, mixed with the remnants of old home furniture, serves as a foundation for this piece. It is the detritus of domestic life, the leftovers of comfort and security, now petrified into a solid mass that anchors the sculpture in place. This base speaks to the permanence of anxiety, a relentless force that grounds us in a state of perpetual unease.

Mounted on wheels, the “ANXIETY DRYER” is given a paradoxical ability to move—a cruel irony that, despite the weight of anxiety we carry, we must continue to trudge through the motions of life. The wheels allow this monolith of despair to invade any space, a roaming reminder of the internal struggle that many face in silence.

“ANXIETY DRYER” it is a concept that captures the essence of modern angst. It is a tangible representation of the invisible chains that bind us, the relentless pressure that compresses our spirit. It is a part of a series that questions the line between necessity and luxury, probing whether the alleviation of anxiety is a fundamental need or a coveted indulgence.

This sculpture stands as a testament to the shared experience of anxiety, a luxury no one desires but a necessity that we all, at some point, must carry. It is a call to acknowledge the weight we bear and to find solidarity in the shared burden of our collective unease