polyester plastic
160x155x120 sm

If you take harmony as order, structure, the present bump before it opened as the Vatican’s, may symbolize it. And then she opens up and becomes terrible (chaotic). My sculpture is in the assumption of what the Vatican’s bump has evolved into. In this sculpture, I want to show that modern public values (I mean what is shown in advertising, magazines, TV, Internet)  that affirm the impossibility of happiness without harmony = the perfect body, combined with the latest technology create a new physicality. (a new physicality of implants) Phallus-shaped base and two levels of female endeavors, acrylic nails on the grasping paw, and plumped-up lips with licking tongue, express contradictory intentions. The intention to attract men with their own beauty is reflected in the fact that all of this is put on the phallus, all for him. Intention to comply with advertising ideals that can not only meet the desires of men but also directly contradict them, reflects in the fact that it (the phallus) comes, and slips out of the sculpture.