trash bags, metal
200x80x50 sm

MISTER FISTER, a sculpture that reeks of humanity’s relentless consumption and the detritus it leaves in its wake. Constructed from the very refuse of our daily lives, those wretched trash bags, it stands as a grotesque monument to the gluttony of our species.

MISTER FISTER is not merely a pile of garbage masquerading as art. No, it is a beast on wheels, a mobile monstrosity that brings the message of our own decay to every corner it invades.

The wheels, those cursed instruments of movement, allow this abomination to traverse the land, a dark chariot delivering a sermon of waste and ruin. MISTER FISTER is a moving mockery, a sculpture that refuses to be ignored, forcing its audience to confront the filth that they would rather forget.

Its form, a chaotic amalgamation of discarded items, shifts and mutates with each new addition, symbolizing the ever-growing pile of waste that our society generates. MISTER FISTER is a grotesque reflection, a distorted mirror showing us the ugliness of our throwaway culture.

Let this sculpture roll forth, a harbinger of the trash that suffocates our world. MISTER FISTER, a name that conjures images of power and control, now represents the grip that our own refuse has on us. This sculpture is a rolling testament to the age of waste, a reminder of the filth we are too eager to ignore.