furcoats, metal
1800x150x150 sm

Behold the deceptive allure of “I’VE NEVER SEEN YOU LOOKING SO LOVELY AS YOU DID TONIGHT,” a sculpture that masquerades as a tribute to beauty but whispers a sinister tale of vanity and exploitation. Crafted from the stolen warmth of natural fur, ripped from the silent creatures of the wild, it drapes over the cold, unyielding metal—a grim marriage of death and industry.

This creation, perched upon wheels, is a nomadic monument to the perverse human appetite for aesthetic domination. The fur, once a proud testament to the wild’s untamed majesty, now serves as a trophy to human conceit, a soft veil over the harsh skeleton of metal beneath.

The wheels, a cruel nod to the ceaseless march of ‘progress,’ grant this eerie totem the ability to glide through the world of the living, a ghostly chariot showcasing the spoils of humanity’s shallow pursuits. “I’VE NEVER SEEN YOU LOOKING SO LOVELY AS YOU DID TONIGHT” is not merely an object of admiration but a roaming reliquary of the once vibrant, now rendered lifeless for the sake of human vanity.

Let this sculpture traverse the spaces of the ignorant and the knowing alike, its presence a chilling breeze that stirs the curtains of complacency. Let it be a silent sentinel, a bearer of the unspoken dialogue between beauty and morbidity, between the warmth of life and the chill of metal.

The concept of this sculpture—a haunting, mobile enigma, a vessel of beauty’s dark shadow that we so often refuse to acknowledge. It is a reminder of the complex dance between life and death, a dance in which we, as humans, have overstepped our role, not as mere participants but as macabre choreographers.